About Us

ASL Just Got Better!

Here at Talking Hands ASL we are a growing organization completely dedicated to going beyond the surface of deaf culture.

Our goals are to present the wonders of the deaf experience (deaf language, deaf history, deaf art, and most importantly deaf culture) to the world. There is a very limited variety of sign products representing deaf culture and the community. We want to change that and see ASL emerge as prominently as any other language.

We are committed to innovating the best American Sign Language (ASL) products available. We have teamed up with the deaf community, professional educators, American Sign Language experts, and language specialists to create the most integrated & educational deaf products on the market.

The research already clearly shows the remarkable benefits of learing ASL, for both the hearing and deaf:

“Signing literally builds connections in the kids’ brains and aids with associating cognitive and physical abilities like memory, motor, and attention skills. Indeed, studies show that children who signed at an early age actually have an average higher IQ.” -Brenda Biondo, How Sign Language May Boost IQ, USA Weekend

At Talking Hands ASL we are continually looking ahead to the next-generation of products: additional book series, exciting sign language games, unique deaf gifts, & ASL clothing with identity.

The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

“Most people see the world the way it is and ask, “Why?” but I dream things that never were and ask, “Why not?” -Bernard Shaw